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About me

Hi, stranger! 🙂 Thank you for your visit.
I hope that you’ll find my website attractive, as I created it especially for talents seekers. 🙂 Please value my presentation via contact form – any feedback is welcomed and useful.
As you saw from the beginning (my homepage), I love colors and my biggest desire is to combine and express them in a friendly and (sometimes) childish manner.
Tell me about your business and I’ll create its perfect and suitable image so that it will become a powerful and professional brand. We can start from creating your logo or maybe from improving all your marketing activities, including visuals and website experience, in order to make sure that your message will reach the proper audience and will offer you the desired success.
Fell free to contact me.

Enjoy my (dearest) projects… and all the best!

PS: Grateful to all the clients that trusted me. Thank you for your implication and kind recommendations!


Clients from the Agency

During 2012-2015, I've occupied the position of Social Media Specialist at "Good Afternoon" Digital Agency.
In my position, I generated content (texts + graphics) and adjusted images for the following clients.